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The U.S. Lease Price Report is published six times per year by Lierle Public Relations.

Click Here to Subscribe NowThe oil and gas lease data reported in the U.S. Lease Price Report is compiled from three basic sources, including private transactions, federal oil and gas lease sales, and state oil and gas lease sales.

County by county information includes low, high, and most common price, royalty range, rental range, and lease term. The information is reported by region for ease of use. Each 26-page report includes detailed reports on the latest state and federal lease sales, including bidder, county, location (section/township/range), acreage, and bid per acre.

Report Samples

The U. S. Lease Price Report

Listings by Region, State, County with Bonus in $$ per Acre low, high, and most common, as well as Royalty and Rental ranges in low and high percentages.  Click on the report below to see a full-sized PDF page from an actual report, or click here..

Click here to see a PDF full-sized actual page...

State Announcements

Oil and Gas Lease Sales announcements are included in the report.

Regional Experts listing...

Along with the U. S. Lease Price Report, you will receive an updated list or Regional Experts and their contact information...

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